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Why Web Leads Are The First Choice For Funeral Plan Providers

The old adage is the only two things you cannot avoid in life are death and taxes. Whereas we can do nothing about the amount of tax we pay, more and more people are starting to face the otherwise taboo subject and look at planning for their funerals. Currently only about 6% of the population […]


Web Leads – The Sales Way Forward For Replacement Boiler Providers

The weather is changing, the heatwave of the summer is coming to an end, soon customers will start switching on their boilers for the first time in many months and potentially find it doesn’t work. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a breakdown which prompts a replacement boiler request, with the rocketing cost of […]


Falling Foul of The Law – GDPR

We are all well aware of the introduction of GDPR, you would have had to have been hiding underneath a very large rock to have missed the introduction of the introduction of the most serious change to data protection law in over twenty years. However, despite the awareness of the law, there are still many […]