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SEO vs. PPC – Introducing MM Group’s UNIQUE SOLUTION

I agree this is a controversial title, and there will be many people who will be queuing up to disagree, after all, there has been a whole industry built up surrounding search engine optimisation and pay per click. I am not saying that the tools are ineffective, however they have two different purposes and far […]


Implications of bad data

Once poor data has entered a system it can replicate and infect good data, much like a contagious disease. Results extrapolated from a bad data set may be unknowingly tainted and you may be making decisions that have far reaching implications, based upon false beliefs. Further still, it may only become apparent that you’ve made […]


Social Media Marketing

Social media can be a fantastic means of promoting brand awareness and directly engaging with your customer base. All this for nothing, other than a small investment of your time. Of course, as with most things, you could take things further… Paid advertising on social media The potential power of social media platforms can not […]