How effective is your sales team? – Using appointment setting to improve productivity

What is your sales team doing? More pointedly, how often are your sales people in the office managing admin rather than being on the road doing what they should be paid for? Even with the improvements in technology with every member of your sales team carrying a smartphone and therefore the CMS in the palm of their hand there are still
times when they may be ineffective.

One of the greatest drains on a sales force time is appointment setting, you know that, as soon as your star sales people sit down in front of a prospect it is almost a certainty that there will be closure. However, if it took hours to get this stage you are throwing away productivity. Research shows 70% of meetings occur when scheduled within 9
days versus only 47% when scheduled more than 30 days out, therefore you need to be booking ‘just in time’ meetings to get the most effective return but you cannot afford to have your sales team sat in the office looking to book appointments.

The answer is to outsource your appointment setting. It gives you the highest sales productivity with your teams on the road following up warm prospects, and ensures you have a steady flow of the right sort of appointments.

Using an external appointment setting team saves you the cost of creating your own in-house telemarketing team (with the associated office space, equipment, training etc.) You can instead call on resource as and when you need it providing you with professional call operators who are trained and developed to get the highest return in terms of fixed appointments.

So what should you look for when you select an appointment setting company? Here are our top four tips:

Experience is key – you need to know that the company you select has the track record in appointment setting. It is important to understand how they deliver their services and that they have selected the right people to represent your organisation.

Ensure it is compliant – with changes to the data protection legislation you need to ensure any organisation you use is GDPR compliant, ensure that they organisation you select is fully operating within the law.

Ensure the company suits your company – the appointment setting company will be the first point of contact for your organisation so you need to be sure that you are confident that they are professional and represent your company the way you want.

How effective are they? – ask to see their statistics, how effective are the company you are selecting. Of course not every contact will book an appointment, however do they have detailed call logs listing every call with reasons why appointments have not been booked?

MM Group provide some of the most effective appointment setting services in the business with highly professional teams of experienced call operators who will represent your organisation professionally following detailed scripts so you know that your message is being effectively delivered.

Contact MM Group today and get your sales team back on the road!