MM Group brings you Funeral Plan Appointments

MM Group are very pleased to offer their new product; face-to-face Funeral Plan appointments. If you’re looking to meet potential new customers in person, with a proven interest in purchasing Funeral Products, then MM Group is your premium provider. Let’s have a look at the benefits of face-to-face meetings;

Some things just need to be done in person

In business there are many advantages to a face-to-face meeting. The very act of physically appearing at a set time and location demonstrates that the parties involved have already made a level of commitment…they are now invested.

A meeting is personal engagement, and it facilitates building a relationship with a client. You can bestow trust, confidence, understanding and reassurance that much more effectively in person than you can via email or voice alone.

Time Management

Some may bemoan the down-time of travelling to a meeting, but it can actually prove more efficient to meet face-to-face. During the natural course of conversation points raised can be instantly addressed.

We’re also able to take in more information subconsciously, via the transmission of non verbal communication (body language, facial expression etc.).


With a very personal subject such as planning your own funeral, it is of vital importance that there is a level of trust and confidence in the person who you are dealing with. Some subjects need sensitive handling and if when you meet in person, the individual is dressed appropriately and talks with a respectable tone, you are reassured in your dealings with them.

It gets the deal done

In research conducted by the American coalition “Meetings Mean Business” 93% percent of business executives reported that meetings improved their ability to close a deal!