Web Leads – The Sales Way Forward For Replacement Boiler Providers

The weather is changing, the heatwave of the summer is coming to an end, soon customers will start switching on their boilers for the first time in many months and potentially find it doesn’t work.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a breakdown which prompts a replacement boiler request, with the rocketing cost of fuel and inefficient boiler will literally be burning money and customers who are feeling the pinch will want to find a better solution.

So how do you connect with these individuals who have identified they need a replacement boiler. Traditionally this would have meant advertising, the days of print and TV being the only solution are long gone. However, unless you are an internet specialist are you sure that you can guarantee that a marketing spend placed in online advertising is going to be effective?

Despite the instant nature of the internet, there are usually few ‘quick wins’, search engine optimisation can take some time to properly take effect and unless you get exactly the right keywords you can find yourself spending a large sum of money and not getting the customers you require.

That is where we can help you, MM Group are the UK’s leading providers of replacement boiler web leads. Our teams of specialist internet marketing professionals develop and run campaigns across a variety of verticals including boiler replacements with the sole aim of capturing individuals who are specifically looking for
a replacement boiler and getting them to a tailored page where they can request a quote.

It means we can supply opt-in data, provided directly from the individual, delivered to you in real time. Soon after they searched for a replacement boiler quote they will receive a call or email from your team. All you have to do is to close the sale.

This is all without the ‘hit and miss’ of keyword planning, SEO and adwords. We do the research and have been running successful campaigns for months or even years which ensure the leads we provide prove to be some of the highest performing you can obtain. Our landing pages are some of the highest listed items with carefully selected
keywords, and we monitor and maintain this on a daily basis.

Let us take the guesswork out of running a successful web campaign, you simply pay a highly competitive price per lead and tell us how many you want. You will seriously wonder why you have not done this sooner!

You may not have heard of web leads, but this is a methodology which has a proven success rate, bringing together SEO, adwords and social advertising techniques. We stand by what we offer and know that you will be impressed by the quality of the leads we deliver.

Speak to the team at MM Group today and discover how you can drive the business you need!