IVA Leads

More than 8 million people in the UK have what is classed as ‘problem debt’, many struggling with everyday life because of cost of maintaining their commitments. One of the most successful methods for managing and eliminating this issue is the establishment of Independent Voluntary Agreements (IVA’s), structured financial instruments which allow individuals to write off their debts over a five year period.

The number of people looking to solve their major debt issues is increasing as people turn to online sources to find solutions to their ongoing problem debts. As both the level of personal debt grows and the awareness of debt management solutions this is a market which is growing.

MM Group are leading experts in capturing IVA leads. Our team of data management specialists target potential clients as they search the internet looking specifically for debt management and IVA information. Using smart online advertising techniques these potential clients are directed to brand pages where they enter their own information. This information is submitted to your organisation immediately allowing you to capture this important and lucrative market rapidly.

IVA leads created by MM Group are guaranteed to be up to date and relevant. Unlike many other lead generation sources the potential clients have requested information directly themselves and are ready and receptive to receive a follow up call. It means we can be sure that IVA leads generated by MM Group are some of the highest performing in the industry.

IVA leads from MM Group are second to none. However, it is more than just the data which we can provide Our highly skilled team of sales and marketing professionals make up market leading team of sales specialists who are there to support you throughout your campaign, helping you build your market share and grow your sales.