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Not all business leads are made equal. If you are looking to develop your market share, one of the most effective methods is to turn to a data broker who will promise you highly converting leads which will change your sales fortunes. However, is what some companies say true? Here are some of the questions you must ask before you commit to purchase leads from any supplier.

First and most importantly is to ask about exclusivity. Many providers will promise the earth and then deliver poor quality leads which have already been contacted by a number of other organisations. It lowers your chance of a sale from a certainty to a nuisance. Instead of getting a potential client who is keen to hear your message, you find they have already spoken to and either purchased with or turned down your competitor.

Unless your provider can offer you first use, exclusive leads you need to seriously consider your position.

Also, you need to understand where the leads have been generated from. If it is survey data you have to realise your chance for success is already reduced, you are accessing a generic set of responses which the individual may or may not remember completing. When you then find you are not first in the queue for this data it makes the situation
even more difficult.

Finally, ask if the data complies with the latest data protection legislation – GDPR. With fines running into millions of Euros, you cannot afford to take the risk with data which is not compliant.

However, there is an alternative in the form of web leads from Mighty Marketing Group. Rather than poor quality survey data, web leads give you access to clients who are specifically looking for your products or services in real time. The professional team of internet marketing specialists create powerful pay per click, social media and Google
AdSense campaigns which direct specific groups of individuals to landing pages as they search for products or services in your vertical.

You receive live enquiries, specifically looking to be contacted for more information passed directly to your systems in real time. Totally fresh and totally exclusive, fully compliant with all data protection and direct marketing legislation. It is the safest and most effective way to build your business with only the most relevant leads. Make the
Mighty difference to your sales today. Make contact to day and let us help you reach the audience you require! Visit Mighty Marketing Group online or call 0203 488 2220.