Why Web Leads Are The First Choice For Funeral Plan Providers

The old adage is the only two things you cannot avoid in life are death and taxes. Whereas we can do nothing about the amount of tax we pay, more and more people are starting to face the otherwise taboo subject and look at planning for their funerals.

Currently only about 6% of the population have purchased a funeral plan1, we are well behind our European neighbours with over two thirds of the Dutch being prepared. Or Sweden where there is a mandatory burial tax included within general taxation. However, the number of people purchasing plans is increasing and more and more
people are becoming aware of the options available to them.

However, how do you, cost effectively find clients for your funeral plan products? Traditional marketing would have to reaching for print and TV advertising, however with low return rates and high costs it is often an expensive option. Online advertising is an option, however, unless you have the time to build up your SEO and the knowledge to
get it right you can throw significant money at something which does not yield the return you require.


There is, of course an alternative. MM Group are one of the UK’s leading providers of funeral plan web leads. We have specialist teams who develop and run campaigns across a wide variety of verticals including funeral planning with the sole aim of capturing individuals who are specifically looking for a funeral plan and directing
them to a professional landing page where they provide their details.

This is fully opt-in data, provided directly from the individual and delivered to you in real time. Shortly after they searched for funeral plan information and requested a quote they will receive a call or an email from yourselves to close the sale.

The difference is there is no ramp up time, no start-up cost and no waiting for search engines to respond to your SEO work. We have done all the groundwork over months and, in some cases years to establish our landing pages as some of the highest ranking links on major search engines and we offer you the opportunity to tap into this.

You pay a highly cost effective and agreed price for real leads, people who want a  funeral plan, who have requested information and are waiting for your contact. We do the hard work for you!

When you understand this, it will make you wonder how you ever did this before? Chose when you need high performing leads to be delivered directly to you, discuss the requirements with the team at MM Group and sit back and wait. The only thing we can’t do is close the sale for you, however, we had better leave you  something to do!

Many people have never heard of web leads, and when you do a Google search you may not find much about them, however this is a tried and tested methodology which employs some of the best SEO, adwords and social advertising techniques which are constantly reviewed for efficiency. We stand by what we offer and know that you will be
impressed by the quality of the leads we deliver.

Remember, this is not the old survey data of the past, there is no trawling through  potential contacts to try and cherry pick the few sales. These are self-directed requests. It truly is marketing for the 21st century.

Speak to the team at MM Group today and discover how you can drive the business you need!