Solar Panels Web Leads

Home and business owners in the UK are increasingly embracing the advantages of Solar Power. Saving money on energy bills is certainly one motivation for solar panel installation, but there are other incentives to consider.


  • Compared to other green energy sources, the installation of solar panels is relatively simple.
  • Solar is a 100% renewable energy source that produces clean power.
  • Has the potential to earn you money via the sale of surplus energy.
  • You can contribute towards the reliability of the National Grid.
  • Could increase the value of your home.

MM Group- Solar panel web leads provider

MM Group supplies premium leads that are gathered from individuals, actively enquiring about solar panel installation. The information is captured from customers after they submit it – we aren’t using blind techniques such as ‘cold calling’. Our data is accurate & detailed, with customers answering a field of relevant solar power questions. These customers are keen to talk to Solar Panel suppliers right now, meaning that the leads we gain from them have the best chance in leading you to a sale.

Growing with an expanding industry

We are consistently being made aware of the need for meaningful changes in our lives, if we are to successfully tackle the environmental challenges that face us in the future. Renewable energy is at the heart of that message, and our governments are very keen to promote the industry. With this political endorsement, more and more customers are adopting Solar Power, it’s a distinctly upward trend and an industry with this level of growth is a very attractive one to enter. MM Group can help you expand with this exciting sector.

Determining your strategy

MM Group offers bespoke marketing packages to its clients. You’ll quickly find out how amenable we are to work with and how driven we are to help facilitate your success. We’re on hand with support whenever you need us…