SEO vs. PPC – Introducing MM Group’s UNIQUE SOLUTION

I agree this is a controversial title, and there will be many people who will be queuing up to disagree, after all, there has been a whole industry built up surrounding search engine optimisation and pay per click. I am not saying that the tools are ineffective, however they have two different purposes and far too many people use them incorrectly.

Consider a Scenario

I am starting a new t-shirt business, I have great ideas and want to stand out from a massively crowded market with my website which I have paid top dollar for. I speak to an online marketing specialist and they suggest I need to pay them to work on my search engine optimisation. Go ahead, I say and they take a king’s ransom, however, despite my spend I am not seeing the hits I require.

I call up my ‘consultants’ and they tell me it will take time, and if I want an instant hit I need to pay for advertising. So, I take out another loan and buy pay for click advertising. Now, I know I am on the first page of searches, however, I am paying handsomely for the privilege.

Over time, I find myself bankrupted by having to pay out for pay for click advertising which seems to bring me hits but not sales and SEO which seems not to be having an effect.

Surely You Are Doing it Wrong?

The problem is that all too many so called internet specialists will tell you that SEO is a quick fix or that pay per click is suitable for long term use (of course, you can use PPC for as long as you like, however you need to have deep pockets). What was missing from the market was a product which brought together the best of the two products in a way that you got the quick successes of PPC matched with the long term reputation building  brought by SEO.

This is where MM Group have excelled with their new hybrid marketing tool.  As Sam Dunning, Head of Sales explains. “Traditional search engine marketing mostly depends on SEO. And whereas manipulating search results is a powerful technique, it doesn’t yield the instant results which many organisations desire.

Pay per click advertising can bring you instant hits, however it can lack longevity, and can prove to be costly. What we have done is to blend both techniques so that we can create powerful, rapid delivering campaigns supported with longer term results as the SEO develops. It truly is the best of both worlds and yields astonishing results.”

The Hybrid Solution

MM Groups solution is unique, bringing the instant leads a fledgling business needs (or any business to be honest in this difficult market environment) supported by page one organic rankings on Google.

The best part it is available at amazing prices with no hidden costs. You can purchase from their up front, tiered models have been designed to meet the needs and budgets of every business.

The hybrid model allows you to rapidly build leads to develop your business and ranking which will deliver the long lasting customers your website requires. It is the answer to the question of which technique is the most suitable to be employed. Using the unique combination presented by the MM Group’s hybrid model organisations can maximise their online marketing spend and see rapid and continuing results and building business.

It proves there is a clear place for both SEO and PPC, however in order to make it cost effective and a powerful sales and marketing tool, the hybrid model is the best way forward.

MM Group

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