The Heat is on… Warm up Your Business With The Power of Boiler Web Leads

If you are to believe the hype, this is a glory time for advertising to your potential customers. Now with social media you can target individuals more easily and ensure that your advert is placed in front of as many people as possible. However, what some of the commentators forget is that we are all being bombarded with advertising, in the 1970’s it was said we may see 500 adverts per day, today this is more like 5,000 and increasing. Additionally, the scandals surrounding Facebook and the sale of personal  data is causing more and more people to question social media and become more savvy about what it is all about and how they are being sold to.

There will be the traditionalists who will hanker for the old days, you purchased a display ad in the local Yellow Pages and that was your advertising done. When someone needed a boiler repair or replacement they reached for the book and found you. My latest phone book has slimmed down from inches of banana tinted paper to almost a pamphlet, however the need is still there. Of course, very few of us reach for old technologies and the internet is the solution.

Harnessing the power of search engines

When I reach for Google a search for boiler replacement yields 45,700,000 results, a bewildering array for someone who just wants information about what is involved and what it will cost from someone they trust. Of course, the likelihood that a small contractor will have the spending power to place themselves high enough in the search
ranking to make an impact against some of the ‘big’ names is minimal and so you risk being pushed down the ranking and your hard earned website relegated to the second division or at least the second page or beyond.

So what is the solution? You need to approach the search engines differently, it is unlikely that you will have the funding and technical savvy to get the type of high ranking listings which will attract the largest proportion of the searches, therefore you need someone on your side who does.

This is where web lead generators can help you, these are organisations who develop highly targeted pay per click (PPC) campaigns and utilize powerful search engine optimisation techniques (SEO) to create high ranking landing pages where individuals are individuals are encouraged to enter their details to find out more from a local boiler
replacement specialist.

A user searching for replacement boilers will see that one of the highest links directs them to a site which encourages them to enter details in order to receive information and a quote. The organisations can then supply this highly specific information directly to contractors who can receive the enquiry in real time. You can be on the phone to a
potential customer soon after they have placed an enquiry.

As you can see this is highly targeted, the individual themselves have requested information and entered their own details reducing the error rates you may get from other lead delivery methods. As a small or medium organisation you would never be cost effectively able to achieve the same search engine rankings, here the organisation offers you the opportunity to buy into considerable national investment and technical effort in order to provide leads directly at a highly attractive price. The lead generator can segment the data so that you select exactly which leads you require, by region, postcode or even fuel type of the existing boiler. You can be as selective as you wish and select the exact number of leads you wish to follow up.

When sales and marketing are not your day job it can be difficult to try and unpick the minefield of what works and what doesn’t. Nobody has unlimited funding and so you need to be sure that whatever technique you use for  promotion gives you the highest possible return for your investment.

Using this method means that you gain all the benefits of a targeted campaign without the complication or cost. Why trawl randomly on the internet or in traditional media when you can have pre-qualified potential clients come directly to you.

Traditional advertising requires considerable cost for what may be a minimal return, often you will find that you have to try different campaigns and outlets until you find combinations which yield acceptable return figures, you then have to keep running the campaigns to maintain your presence. The alternative with web leads is that you can
request leads whenever you need additional business, the campaign is always running however you only need to purchase leads when you need them ensuring you always have a steady throughput of business as and when you need it.

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