Social Media Marketing

Social media can be a fantastic means of promoting brand awareness and directly engaging with your customer base. All this for nothing, other than a small investment of your time. Of course, as with most things, you could take things further…

Paid advertising on social media

The potential power of social media platforms can not be overstated. The ability to reach individuals displaying particular behaviours, in specifically targeted locations is quite frankly, awesome.

Additional benefits

  • Flexible – you choose your budget
  • Cost Effective – compared to traditional means of advertising
  • Instantaneous – your campaign can be live in a matter of seconds
  • Campaign Analysis – see what’s working and what isn’t, allowing you to adapt quickly

Which network to choose?

As the largest network Facebook is therefore the easy choice but it’s still worth considering the other players, and who you choose comes down to who your audience is. Investigate which groups predominantly use which sites, and why they do so,  so that you can align with your demographic and give your campaign the best chance of receiving a return on your investment.

Precise targeting

Taking Facebook as our example let’s look at the three methods they provide to connect you with your target audiences;

Core Audiences – you choose which demographics you wish your audiences to feature and Facebook will build a core audience list of them for you.

Custom Audiences – this allows you to add your existing customers to Facebook (this could be an email contact list for example), it then finds these profiles on Facebook and connects you to them.

Lookalike Audiences – let Facebook connect you with users who is believes are similar to your existing customer group or custom audience.

The Facebook pixel

Another tool in Facebook’s arsenal is it’s ‘pixel’, an analytics tool in the form of code that you upload to your website. It can then monitor your visitors and allow you to re-target them specifically with a Facebook ad campaign.

Part of your marketing strategy

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