Web Generated Leads

MM Group are leaders in delivering highly converting, fresh, real time exclusive leads driven by Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing to direct prospects to our own bespoke landing pages, capturing live data which is both relevant and highly qualified. Our landing pages are totally bespoke and unique for the vertical your organisation requires. We generate unique highly converting web leads covering many verticals including Life insurance, Funeral Plans, Pensions, Wills, IVAs, and PI.


Personal Finance

  • ✔ Debt management prospects
  • ✔ PPI
  • ✔ IVA prospects
  • ✔ Will writing prospects
  • ✔ Declined loan prospects
  • ✔ Funeral plans
  • ✔ Car finance for the subprime market

We will research and conduct due diligence on clients wishing to purchase financial based leads and will only sell to those regulated to do so wherever that may apply.


  • ✔ Home
  • ✔ Life
  • ✔ Motor
  • ✔ Pet


  • ✔ Utility switch prospects
  • ✔ Off-grid fuel supplies
  • ✔ Landline and mobile contracts

Our unique techniques ensure you get only the hottest leads, delivered in real time to your CRM or dialler system. Our leads are highly converting ensuring you get the highest return on your investment and the lowest cost per sale.

Come directly to the market leaders in web generated leads, we guarantee the highest quality leads with some of the highest conversion rates in the industry. You can be sure that the potential clients have self-qualified and come direct and exclusively to you. Our team are specialists in building highly effective landing pages, feeding customers directly into your sales funnel with a high win-rate.

Lead data can be sent in real-time via an API straight into your CRM system or batched and sent via email. We can generate high volumes of data exclusively for your organisation, ensuring you have the hot  leads you need when you need them.

We use highly targeted PPC techniques to ensure potential customers are actively searching the internet specifically for the goods or services you offer. Giving you the opportunity to achieve MM Group conversion rates.

Our web generated leads allow you to create totally bespoke datasets containing pre-qualified customers, confident that the data is not only highly relevant to your requirements it is also 100% legal. We are registered with the ICO and ensure that all data meets the stringent requirements in terms of security and data protection. You can purchase web generated leads from us with complete confidence.