Exciting New Status For MM Group

MM Group has always brought you the highest quality and highest performing leads in the UK, however they have gone one step further by becoming members of the highly exclusive DMA.

The DMA is the professional body which oversees the data and marketing industries, consumers will know their telephone preference service (TPS) however they lobby government and support the highest standards in quality and security for data. In order to become members, MM Group had to undertake a stringent review of
every process and procedure before being submitted to a full day, external audit where every aspect of the business was reviewed to ensure it met legal standards and demonstrated the best practice in online marketing.

Wilf Voss, the Head of Compliance and GDPR for MM Group said, “this was not a trivial process. We had to demonstrate every aspect of our compliance. The auditors were incredibly detailed in what they looked for. Also, as we have been the first to pass audit since the GDPR had come into place we know that we are able to say
confidently that we deliver legal, high quality leads and data.”

For Mighty’s clients it means there is an additional reassurance that the data and leads purchased are 100% correct, an important requirement as clients can be fined heavily for misusing data even if this has been supplied by a third party. The DMA membership logo is an insurance policy which should tell you that the associated provider has gone
the extra mile to prove they are responsible and act in the best interests of their clients.

MM Group CEO, Sam Chahal said. “This is an exciting time for us and the culmination of over six months work where we have reviewed every process and redesigned our systems specifically to meet the stringent requirements of GDPR. We feel it is vital that our clients have confidence in what we offer, DMA membership can
offer that. It is not just us saying we are good, it is an external body saying we meet their rigorous standards.”

You can find out more about MM Group and the services they offer as the
UK’s leading holistic online marketing agency at:
https://www.mightymarketinggroup.co.uk/ – they are the one stop shop for digital
development, SEO, data and web leads.