MM Group Brand – strength in brand and in helping businesses grow

MM Group brings together brands across digital marketing and sales disciplines. Our brand versatility allows the MM Group brand to provide industry leading business growth services for the widest variety of organisations.

MM Group specialise in web leads, search engine optimisation and digital development. We use our professionalism and many years of experience to provide high performing leads across key verticals, our SEO team can place brands on page one of Google and other major search engines and our digital developers create world class websites and apps allowing you to showcase your business and maximise sales.

Brand differentiation allows MM Group to offer specialised services for the widest variety of organisations. From bespoke sites for smaller organisations, clubs and charities through to industry leading ecommerce and sales data solutions for major corporations, we can do it all!

MM Group Brands

MM Group brings together leading sales and marketing professionals to provide the ultimate digital agency. Encompassing eighteen individual brands, each with their own website and personality, it allows our teams to concentrate on their specific market share developing close working relationships with their clients.

MM Group key brands include:

MM Group
MM Group are the undisputed web leads specialists. Their team of sales and marketing professionals create powerful PPC campaigns to generate potential customer leads directly to you in real time! The highest performing, compliant leads in the industry, helping you grow your business!

Data Giant
Data Giant provide data for powerful and effective marketing campaigns. With years of experience they know the B2B and B2C marketplaces and can provide both knowledge and highly performing web leads for your business.

Leading B2B lead generation. Data4Leads specialise in highly converting web generated leads in key verticals including funeral plans, insurance and debt management.

Web Design Quote Now
One the UK’s fastest growing web design agencies. Their award-winning team provide highly tailored online branding and design, creating websites which will wow your potential customers!

Website Giant
Creators of responsive and beautiful websites and ecommerce systems which work seamlessly across all platforms from PC browser to mobile and tablets. Their team will ensure your website stands out from the crowd.

Ensure your website is ranked highly on page one of Google and other major search engines with SEO-Giant, industry leading search engine optimisation (SEO) specialists.

Outsource Staff
Outsource staff provide highly driven telesales and telemarketing experts. They run sales teams, and lead generation campaigns delivering results which are second to none!

The MM Group Mission Statement

MM Group are the leading holistic digital agency. We excel with highly experienced and professional teams who provide a world-class service for our clients.

Areas of Business

Our three main areas of business are:
✔ Web lead
✔ Search Engine Optimisation
✔ Digital Development

Web Leads

Effective sales leads are the lifeblood of growing organisations. At MM Group we have over 15 years experience in sales and marketing and are the market leaders when it comes to delivering high performing, accurate leads. We offer considerable innovation, creating funnel sites across key verticals each designed to rank highly on major search engines including Google. Potential clients are directed to these sites via powerful SEO techniques and invited to input their own details to capture real time leads.

We can also provide telesales and marketing teams on demand. MM Group lead the way, producing qualified face-to-face sales appointments, with key decision makers, in companies you want to meet. The call agents can deliver non-scripted, intelligent lead generation, web demos, qualified leads or detailed quotes exclusively generated for your business, to your exact criteria.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A great website presence is nothing if you cannot be found effectively on the world’s major search engines. We have a team of SEO specialists who work to ensure your site is listed highly in search engine rankings ensuring that you are not lost amongst the many links.

Trust our team to develop a strategy which identifies the major keywords your potential clients use to find you. We review your both your competitors and your own website offering suggestions to improve your search engine listing and working to ensure your ranking improves meaning  you receive more web traffic and more vital sales.

SEO is a highly skilled activity, our team look to ensure we obtain the rankings you deserve, providing you with regular reports to monitor progress  and allow you to see how our work is performing.

Digital Development

Having an effective online presence is vital for any organisation, MM Group design and deliver state-of-the-art websites suitable for organisations of any size and across all industries. Every website we create comes with a clean and engaging design which works across all platforms both desktop and mobile.

However, we don’t stop there as leaders in creating responsive mobile apps and highly efficient ecommerce systems. Let us create the MM Group online presence your organisation deserves!

Get in touch with MM Group today to see how we can give you a MM Group advantage for your business!