MM Group Leads!

MM Group will soon be offering its customers a raft of new Web Leads to compliment it’s current catalogue of; Funeral Plan Leads, IVA Leads, Boiler Leads, Life Insurance Leads, PMI Leads and B2B Finance Leads.

Forthcoming additions to the list we offering will be;

  • Solar
  • Windows
  • Kitchens
  • Mobility
  • … and more to come

Going Organic

One significant method of obtaining an ongoing higher ranking for your website is via Organic SEO.  The first bit of good news is that (in this case at least), Organic means natural, straightforward and… free!

Content is king

Keeping the content of your website relevant and of high quality is your first priority. Further methods  are the insertion of keywords, the use of Metatags and linking/backlinking wherever relevant. These tried and trusted long-term Organic SEO practices when utilised together, will help your website climb up the all important Google rank ladder.

And if you don’t wish to take our word for it, here is the voice of Google themselves;

“Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors.” Google, 2017


Your brand name & identity has significance when it comes to SEO. Potential customers searching for a brand name have a greatly increased conversion rate than by keyword alone. A strong brand will have a higher click-through rate (frequency that searchers click on your link from the displayed search results), thus improving your ranking further. An established brand will also increase the likelihood of Social media shares, directing yet more customers towards you. Branded content that is hosted away from your main site (such as a testimonial on a client’s site), is a further excellent opportunity for inbound links, extending the reach of your brand.