It’s not about GDPR…

This will be one of the few blog posts or emails you will have read in the last few weeks not all about new Privacy Policies, opting in or the dreaded GDPR. And the reason for this is sometimes it is too easy to lose sight of the bigger picture.

GDPR has happened and MM Group, like most other responsible digital marketing firms have spent time and effort ensuring that we will comply. Additional staff were hired to support the process and now you can be confident that the ‘t’s have been crossed and every last ‘i’ dotted.

However, it is more than just compliance, we have always met and at times exceeded the standards for legislation, this is just another day and it will be business as usual. Yes, there will be changes to the online lead and data industries however we feel these will be positive changes. We will have a more aware audience who opt-in because they really want what you are offering, the organisations who may have tried to sneak people into receiving marketing they didn’t want with double negative pre-selected tick boxes or hidden text will be gone.

We believe this will mean a higher quality of more engaged lead, it is something we have seen for sometime because we have always been open with our lead generation activities however, as the audience appreciate more how their data is being used you will find that the people who come through will be totally committed and we hope to
see even better rates of return for your campaigns.

So, whereas some will be telling tales of doom and gloom, we just see benefits for our clients. We will still look to offer the highly professional level of service you have come to expect from one of the leading names in online marketing and hope to welcome in new clients who want to discover the MM Group difference.

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