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One of the most cost effective ways to engage with new customers is via telephone survey data. It is still one of the most effective ways to reach large data groups and can easily generate high quality mass data.

online surveys, telephone surveys provide a direct personal contact with an individual and can be used across a range of verticals. Our professional telephone operators are highly skilled in engaging with individuals and eliciting the highest quantity and quality of data.

As surveys are tightly scripted you can be sure that they meet all objectives for GDPR with data being fully opted in and the individuals fully aware how the data will be used.

We ensure that all data we use is up to date with data being less than 12 months old and energy data being updated every 24 hours, all data is also fully screened and cleansed to ensure you get only the best quality data.

Verticals we cover:
● Insurance renewal

○ Home
○ Car
○ Pet
○ Private Medical Insurance
○ Life insurance
○ Vehicle breakdown cover renewal

● Personal Finance
○ Debt management prospects
○ IVA prospects
○ Declined loan prospects
○ Car finance for the subprime market

● Will writing prospects
● Funeral plans
● Utilities Data

○ Utility switch prospects
○ Off-grid fuel supplies

● Landline and mobile contracts
● Home improvement
● Double glazing prospects
● Solar panels
● Cavity wall and loft insulation

We can provide you with full contact information allowing you how to make contact with potential prospects and can supply in excess of five million records. Mighty Marketing Group provide some of the highest quality data in the market, you can be confident of the best prices and the highest returns.