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MM Group – Providing The Data Your Business Needs

There are many providers of lead data in the digital marketing environment. All too many organisations proclaim themselves to be the people who provide the finest data relevant to your business. However, it pays to be somewhat cautious as not all data is created equal.

The first thing to understand is the quality of data offered can vary greatly. There are many suppliers who are somewhat unscrupulous with how the data has been gathered or how often it has been used.

Business Data – Ensuring Value For Money

Post GDPR you need to be totally sure how any data you are using has been gathered. Have the individuals truly opted in and given permission for their data to be used. It is important to note your own organisation will be responsible and liable if there is an abuse of the regulations as well as the supplier so it pays to be sure you are using a reputable supplier who can provide an audit trail for its data.

Almost as important is the reputational risk involved with incorrectly gathered data. You don’t want to be an organisation named and shamed on social media for data abuse. Also, the bottom line is individuals who have not requested contact from your organisation, directly or otherwise, will not close! If you are not interested it is just wasted time for your sales team and wasted costs. A poorly created data list is no worse than picking up the phone book and cold calling.

Don’t forget, this not only affects your bottom line, but can also affect your staff. If you want to keep the best sales teams in-house, feeding them ineffective data for leads will reduce morale and can leave you losing key staff with the additional cost of recruitment another hidden cost which needs to be considered.

Sadly poor data is all too common. A recent report by Integrate showed up to 45% of data found was unmarketable and that almost 60 hours per month was wasted in using ineffective data.

How do You Find The Right Supplier?

You need to find a reputable supplier who will provide data which is both compliant with the GDPR and also of the right quality to ensure you are not wasting time and money on ineffectual leads. Here are our top tips for selecting the right data supplier:

Look for DMA Membership

The DMA is the professional body for the data industry. In order to become a member an organisation needs to have an independent review and audit which reviews all aspects of their data protection and management.

It is a simple way to know that you have an organisation committed to doing the right thing in terms of legality and professionalism.

Ask key questions

A good supplier will be more than happy to explain how their data is gathered and be able to provide you details of how up to date it is. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to ensure you are confident in the quality of the data which they provide.

Ask for references

Ask a potential supplier for a contact for another organisation who uses their services and ask them their opinion. You can get an honest opinion which can help you to decide.

Don’t Compromise – Get The Data You Need

MM Group can provide you with data across one of the widest and most diverse set of verticals in the industry, the datasets which they can obtain include :

  • Life insurance
  • Energy companies
  • Telecoms companies
  • Solar companies
  • Washing machine insurance
  • White goods’ insurance
  • Debt management companies
  • IVA companies
  • Financial companies
  • Home improvements companies
  • Windows/double glazing companies

MM Group supply up to date, fully opt-in data. As a DMA members you can be assured of their quality, as the organisation has been independently audited proving all of the data they provide meets the requirements for GDPR and that they follow professional standards for how they conduct their business.

As one of the leaders of digital marketing they have a large number of satisfied customers and can provide web leads and data tailored to your requirements. Give them a call today and find out how the MM Group difference can boost your business!