Funeral Plan Leads

A funeral is an unfortunate inevitability for every single one of us. More and more there is a greater awareness amongst individuals of the benefits of planning for their own funeral, purchasing a funeral plan which allows them to put aside either a lump sum or a regular payment towards the eventual costs of their funeral.

The motivation for this is strong, preventing funeral costs becoming a burden on family and it is seen to be an excellent element of proactive estate planning. The market for funeral plans has been growing in recent years as individuals get a greater awareness of the market and how these vital financial instruments can provide peace of mind and future stability.

MM Group are experts in sales generation for funeral plan providers. We have considerable experience developing high performing funeral plan leads. We are the trusted partner for a large number of organisations where we source and deliver potential clients with highly accurate data and a willingness to move forward to closed sales.

The secret of our success is how we gather funeral plan leads, doing away with the traditional approach employed by cold calling organizations or the use of generally out of date survey data. Instead, MM Group use a method which draws potential clients straight to you. Our team create pay per click campaigns which capture individuals searching for funeral plan information offering them landing pages where they can enter their personal details to request further information. This data is passed directly to you to allow your team to follow up rapidly to ensure the highest possible conversion rates.

You can be sure that funeral plan leads provided by MM Group are highly relevant, up to date and accurate as it has been provided by the individuals themselves and delivered instantly to your data systems ready for immediate use.

MM Group are the market leaders in the provision of funeral plan leads, our team of specialists have a number of years of experience in sales development, they can help you find the best solution to support your sales growth.