We believe there should be a greater awareness about the subject of funerals and the advantages of forward planning. Perhaps understandably many of us choose not to think about our own mortality, the arrangements we would like to make and the financial implications of our passing.

There is much to be gained from being prepared, in giving us the opportunity to express our final wishes, and we can also reduce the worry of the unknown for both ourselves and our loved ones.

MM Group provides you

As an experienced provider of premium quality Funeral Plan leads, MM Group now brings to market an enhanced Funeral Plan product. Our nationwide exclusive face-to-face Funeral Plan appointments can save you valuable time, eliminating the follow-up process and affording you more time to do what you do best – that’s selling your product.

MM Group working for you

Our appointment provision service is all about fulfilling your needs. You first supply us with the specific postcode area(s) you wish to target (we do cover the whole of the UK) and then you share with us your work diary so that we can book up appointments precisely when and where you need them.

How MM Group supplies your appointments

MM Group targets consumer groups that are specifically searching for Funeral Plan products. We then offer these individuals the opportunity to input their data and request further information. Our highly trained telemarketing team then converse with these potential customers and verify their suitability. If proven applicable, the next stage for us is to sign them up for a meeting with a specialist Funeral Plan provider (that’s you), confirming an appointment time in your diary on your behalf.

Then it’s all over to you and the business of selling. You are satisfied in the knowledge that the lead is as fresh as it can be and all you then need do is to attend the face-to-face meeting that we’ve scheduled for you. Sounds good doesn’t it? – Well yes it really is!

Your trusted digital partner

With the MM Group you can be assured that we take the responsibilities that go with Data provision very seriously. As a DMA member we have pledged our commitment to responsible marketing and the continual conduct of good practice. We fully support and adhere to the current GDPR legislation so that we can provide you with accurate, current and compliant data.