Understanding and succeeding on the internet

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It has been over 30 years since the Internet first came into existence and over 25 since Tim Berners-Lee created what we now know as the world wide web. In this time we have undergone a technological revolution at a pace quicker than any other cultural change. It is a renaissance which has seen almost 90% of the UK population now regularly use the Internet a staggering 45.9 million potential customers and a number growing year on year.

Internet use stats by age group

Source: Office for National Statistics

It is a revolution which is not going to go away, with a massive growth in new technologies and changes to the way we act as a nation, the use of the internet is integral to the life of almost every adult in the UK. Where we once would have consulted a telephone directory or encyclopaedia we now have the world’s information at our fingertips.  

However, there are still many organisations who fail to maintain an effective online presence, with research by RedShift Research showing that almost 60% of small businesses in the UK do not have any online presence. Perhaps more worryingly there are an even larger number of organisations who have a presence, but fail to maintain it effectively with poorly designed sites, incorrect or outdated information or outdated technologies.

How to Stop Your Organisation Failing Online

There are two major ways in which you can fail online, either by burying your head in the sand, feeling that an effective website does not justify the time or money to create or to have a website which you neglect presenting a dated or frustrating vision of your organisation’s brand.

Individuals today are very Savvy and make rapid decisions based, in many cases by your online persona. If they search for your site and it is not there they will no doubt with have half a dozen of your competitors who they can use. If they find your site and it is dated or faulty they will likely use someone else, discounting you as unprofessional.

A poorly designed website is the same has having an unclean or untidy shop front, people have a short dwell time when they make their decision whether to use your services and first impressions count.

Audit Your Current Online Presence

Follow these simple steps to audit your current online presence to understand how effectively your website and online presentation is working in your favour.

  1. How up to date is the content?

  • When did you last change the content on your main website? Is the content still relevant to the products and services you offer today?
  • Do you have dated content which is out of date? – For example promotion periods, events and blog posts which are looking dated or where an end date has passed?
  1. How professional is your content?

  • Review the look of the site, does the design stand up against your three main competitors?
  • Copy the text from your main content pages into a Word processor and run them through a spell check and grammar checker. Are there any errors? Simple issues including typos can jar with a reader and create an unprofessional image in their mind.
  1. Does it work correctly?

  • Test your website on a variety of browsers. Can you access every part of your site and carry out processes such as eCommerce effectively in the major browsers.
  • Are there issues with broken links, errors with code or other issues.
  1. Is it mobile?

  • Mobile internet use has now grown to the point that there are more people who will access your site using mobile technology such as phones or tablets than will do with desktop computers. It is therefore vitally important that your site works effectively on mobile platforms.
  • Review your site on a range of mobile devices ensuring that the content is clear and readable and that you can carry out eCommerce and online services which are part of your site.
  1. How often do you update your site and content?

  • An important part of search engine optimisation is having good quality content which is regularly updated. Do you have blogs, white papers or articles which you update on a regular basis to keep your site ‘fresh’.

Look seriously at the responses to the questions, if you find there are issues it is vital that you look at overhauling your website to maintain your organisational credibility.

Steps To Upgrade Your Web Presence

The first and most important step is to select a web developer who will work with you to understand your business and implement an effective website. Selecting a web developer is more than just selecting a company who can code web pages, it is all about looking at your holistic online presentation and how both your website and your social media presence works together to develop and support your overall marketing strategy. There is no point in creating a pretty site which does not drive more business through your door or a site which does not allow you to effectively manage online sales for example.

It is vital to ensure you develop a website which works on a range of platforms, ensuring that your pages can be viewed on mobile devices and that your eCommerce systems are suitable for mobile commerce (mCommerce).

Introducing MM Group

MM Group is a full-service online agency and London based web design company who can provide professional design, web development and eCommerce provision. Their team of experienced consultants have created online provision for many businesses. They take time to understand your requirements following their Proven Process to achieve MM Group results for your organisation. As a full-service agency, they have professionals who can manage every part of your online business, from branding and marketing to data provision, web development and eCommerce, you can be confident that they will manage every part of the process.

Websites developed by MM Group come with a simple to use content management system, an admin site which will allow your own team to update and manage your site as simply as using a word processor. It means you can keep your site up to date quickly and easily without having to refer to developers.

Ongoing maintenance is provided by the professional support teams who will ensure you have a high availability provision backed up by agreed service levels. Choosing MM Group gives you a technical partner who is there for every part of your online provision.

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