Targeted Marketing

Discover the advantage of profiling and data

If you are looking at your digital marketing strategy there are many ways you can look to interact with potential clients. Of the most powerful is highly targeted data which allows you to specifically address your message to receptive individuals.

PPC vs. Data

There is no doubt that pay per click is an effective advertising technique, allowing you to place advertising links for selected search terms. The analysis to create the specification gives you a ‘best guess’ as to how many clicks you are likely to receive however, from the outset it is impossible to define the audience for your message. The potential customer must both view and respond to your advert before they see your proposition putting potential obstacles on the path to completion.

The alternative is to employ direct mail or email campaigns using a data list from a reputable supplier, where you can define a specific target group and know from the outset the exact total you will be approaching and have confidence that you have up to 98% guaranteed delivery.

Push Targeting

Using direct mail places your message directly in front of your potential customer, with a well written and highly relevant proposition. This is the major advantage of using a reputable data supplier who can guarantee up to date, opt-in data.

It means the named individuals have specifically given permission to receive relevant content on subjects which they are interested in. So instead of the PPC customer having to find your advertisement you can directly target them.

Profiling for Power

The more you know about your potential customer the more powerful the message. Using large databases you can be highly selective and choose the individuals you wish to target. Questions including:

● What age are the individuals?

● Where do they live?

● What are their hobbies and interests?

● Do they watch satellite or cable television?

Depending on your requirements you can drill down to finite detail including packaged bank accounts, payment protection insurance or even the age of their washing machine. Data truely is that powerful and flexible!

The information is gathered using various techniques including on-line surveys and utility company databases.

How could you use data?

The variety of available data is vast, so, for example, if you are in the telecoms or utility industries you can request data detailing customers who are reaching the end of their contracts in order that you can make contact to offer alternative provision. If you are in the financial sector you can request data for individuals who have applied for loans but been refused. You can be sure that there will be relevant data which will allow you to define and target specific potential customer groups.

Choosing the right data supplier

When you select a data provider, you need to ask the variety of data they can access. Beware suppliers who can only supply their own, limited lists. You must ensure they are ICO registered and supply up to date and provable ‘opt-in’ data. MM Group meet these requirements, their highly professional team will work with you to understand your business and its requirements before providing the most relevant and up to date data.

Introducing MM Group

MM Group is an independent data provider. Unlike others in the industry, they are not tied to one source of data instead they review the whole data marketplace to find the most relevant data and will only work with the best providers who make up our list of tested and approved partners to provide the most diverse data in the industry. Allowing them to create highly selective data profiles for your campaign.

MM Group pride themselves on being high quality data suppliers, as an ICO registered Company they adhere to UK legislation and provide only fully compliant data where individuals have opted-in to use of their information. They have access to over 550,000 regularly updated email contacts in more than 450,000 organisations and over 5 million regularly updated email contacts for consumers.

All the data supplied is backed up by the MM Group guarantee so you can be assured your campaign will deliver what you expect.