Selecting The Right Web Development Company

Meeting with your selected web developer


If you are looking to create an online presence or you feel your website needs to be updated you need to find a web development company, however there are many organisations advertising their services. How do you ensure the company you select will be the right one?

There are a number of questions which you should ask before you commit to a contract with a web developer.

1.What services can you provide?

Creating an online presence is more than just coding a website, even if you start with just a simple brochure website in the first instance you need to be sure that your provider can also support your growth online.

In preference you need to find a full-service agency who can not only support the development of your website but also design and branding, marketing and eCommerce integration.  You do not want to start a project with one organisation and then have to spend time managing multiple relationships with seperate designers and developers. A full service agency will streamline your process, developing a single point relationship who can manage every part of your online organisation.

2. How will you support what you develop?

A good looking website is worth nothing if it doesn’t work correctly. You need to be sure that any company you work with can effectively support what they provide, setting out sensible service level agreements which will keep you online.

3. What have you done before?

Look at the portfolio of your short-listed providers, go online and test out the sites they have completed before and ask to speak to some of their customers. Do the sites work effectively both on desktop and mobile devices are they well presented and work rapidly. You need to be happy that the quality of what is offered will be acceptable for your brand.

4. How can we maintain or update the site?

You don’t want to become trapped in a relationship with your developer where you cannot maintain or update your own site without calling on expensive consultancy. You should look to ensure you have access and training allowing you to perform basic maintenance and updates.

5. How much will this cost?

Your chosen supplier should be upfront with the cost of the entire project, and as part of this you should be sure what is included, for example who owns the domain names, software and content. Be sure that any proposal includes any ongoing running or maintenance costs.

You Should Choose MM Group

MM Group is a full-service agency and web development company in London who can provide professional design, web development and eCommerce provision. Their team of experienced consultants have created online provision for many businesses. They take time to understand your requirements following their Proven Process to achieve MM Group results for your organisation. As a full-service agency, they have professionals who can manage every part of your online business, from branding and marketing to data provision, web development and eCommerce.

Websites developed by MM Group come with a simple to use content management system, an admin site which will allow your own team to update and manage your site as simply as using a word processor. It means you can keep your site up to date quickly and easily without having to refer to developers.

Get in touch with MM Group today for a free, no obligation proposal.