New Year – New Look Online Business

Make it your New Year’s resolution to review your online presence and revitalise you marketing to make 2018 your most successful ever!

It’s that time of the year when we turn our mind to new year resolutions, however once you have discounted chocolate and beer and promised you will finally make use of your gym membership this year. Perhaps you should also take some time to look at your business and how it is presents itself to your potential clients.

Your online presence is your international shop window, no doubt something you lavished considerable time and capital to develop the perfect online presence for your organisation. However, the temptation is to neglect it once in place, perhaps updating content but failing to review and update the site effectively as everyday business takes

Take a moment to look at your main website, ask yourself the difficult questions, when was it first created? When was it last maintained? How effective is it now as a sales tool for your organisation? Whereas the site may have once been state of the art, all too often you will find that, with the fast pace of technology, your site may well have been
left behind.

A poorly presented or ineffective web presence will limit your sales opportunities, potential customers will take only a short dwell time before making their decision to stay with you or to leave and spend money with your competitors. Critical research by Nielsen Norman Group found users will often leave a web page within 10 to 20 seconds.
Therefore, to capture your potential client you need to communicate your value proposition effectively within those first ten seconds.

Remember, if your site is slow to load you will be cutting into this vital time. The same is true if the site cannot be effectively viewed on mobile devices as well as desktop browsers. If your customer must wait or cannot see the content they will not stay.

So if you have completed step one and your page loads quickly and effectively on a variety of devices and the content captures the attention of your potential clients you still need to be sure that your page can be found. It is vital to ensure your site ranks highly within the major search engines. Research shows 95% of the web traffic goes to
the first page of search engine listings. Therefore, if you are on page two or below you are fighting for just 5% of the potential audience. The answer is to employ search engine optimisation techniques (SEO), where you can ensure your site is presented as effectively as possible to ensure you maintain high search rankings.

The algorithms used by the main search engines are kept secret to prevent undue manipulation of results, however it is clear you must ensure your site is accurate, up to date, simple to navigate and seen to be an authoritative source of information. Regularly updated, well written blogs are one technique which can be used however there are a number and it is worth employing an SEO expert to help you ensure you site performs as effectively as possible.

Once you know that your website is working to bring in trade, you need to look at how you can proactively reach new customers. Traditionally marketing could have involved direct mail either via post or email using either in-house or third party supplied data. This can carry the risk of being inaccurate or worse being in breach of the data
protection act. This is an issue which will become considerably more important as there is a new set of data protection regulations coming into effect during May 2018.

The new General Data Protection Regulations will align data protection rules across the EU and tighten the current regulations, in particular consent for data to be used where there will need to be a clear intention to allow use of the data which must be clearly documented.

This will mean if you cannot prove that data has been legally captured you will at risk of considerable fines and prosecution. Therefore, there has never been a better time to review your business and how you manage data from your website and ecommerce systems.

MM Group are specialists in web development, starting with beautifully tailored page layouts designed to adapt to all devices from desktop to mobile. The websites they create are built with high conversion rates at their heart. Utilizing powerful Call to Actions (CTA’s) and simple quick enquiry forms to allow your site visitors rapidly move from potential customer to active lead and then successful sales. MM Group sites are created by highly experienced marketing and sales professionals who understand exactly how to ensure your pages don’t just look great, but also generate the sales your business needs whilst meeting all of the new data protection requirements. Peace of mind and potential sales, it’s a winning combination!

MM Group have over 15 years experience in online marketing and web development and can support you with every part of your online strategy, from web development and ecommerce to search engine optimisation and powerful lead generation.

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