MM Group Goes From Strength to Strength


The launch of a new web site for MM Group is just one of a number of exciting innovations for the company which is celebrating its position as one of the market leading providers of online sales and marketing.

Building on the previous success in lead generation MM Group is now offering an additional range of web based lead generation techniques allowing them to provide highly qualified leads to clients in real time.

The innovative system employs skillfully placed pay per click marketing to direct prospects to bespoke landing pages where they enter data related to their web searches. The landing pages are totally bespoke and cover a wide range of markets and the data captured is delivered directly into the client contact management system in real time, allowing them to have a near constant flow of potential business.

Sam Dunning, MM Group Digital Solutions Manager says; “our web generated leads allow businesses to close the sales they require for growth without the cost and effort which would traditionally be associated with the sales funnel. We can offer pre-qualified leads which are totally relevant for the clients business.”

MM Group are also proud to be announcing the acquisition of Data Giant Limited. The two organisations are united by a common business culture and their coming together allows the creation of a best in class agency bolstered with additional web design and development teams from Data Giant. It forms a formidable force for clients bringing together a unique set of skills and experience.

Sam Chahal, founder and CEO of MM Group said; “the team at Data Giant are world class and are passionate about the same things as us. It was a natural decision to bring our teams together to offer our clients excellence in online sales and marketing.”

Data Giant CEO Tom Maynard will join MM Group as Head of Business Growth. Building on his extensive experience developing businesses to serve both existing and new clients.