I Just Launched My Website – Where Are All The Leads?



Having been in the digital development game for 6 + years…learning the trade from the ground up as a Junior account manager, I have seen my fair share of new businesses come and go and have had the pleasure of working with some great start-ups and some awesome, well established brands.

For new web project briefs these are the two ends of the spectrum I have seen:

Scenario 1 – An existing business has a clear brief of what they want to achieve with both the website design and build along with their 12 month marketing objective.

Scenario 2 – A start-up gets in touch with a basic outline of an idea for a new website and after many conversations via email, phone calls, Skype and meetings we finalize a proposal and Scope of Work for the new design and build.

For both scenarios at an early point in the conversation I will request to know the clients budget for the website and advise that they have an appropriate spend allocated for digital marketing.

Now, I appreciate that asking for budgets can often make you think that as an agency, we will simply quote at the high-end of this, but the truth is that we will quote based on the resources and time needed. In some cases the quote may be higher than the given budget if the work and time involved to get the job done right adds up to more. If the agency costs work out less than the budget given, then it’s great news all round.

So let’s say the quote and proposal is signed off, we proceed to carry out the full design, development ad testing and you have a beautiful looking website that looks great and works well….Is this the end of the road? No, it’s far from, you are now at the beginning of your journey to market your website and start working on your digital business goals.

For each business the purpose of your website will be different – If you are trading online selling women’s jewellery, then you want as many women looking to buy jewellery to visit your website and convert to a customer as possible. If you provide a B2B software service, you may want to target senior IT business professionals who could benefit from your product/service to visit your website and get as many as possible to sign up for a free demo.

I have had businesses come to me with websites and ask me why they aren’t getting the leads/sales they need from their website – The simple answer is that you need an effective digital marketing plan in place. Depending on your target audience this can be made up of any of the following to name just a few:

  • Organic SEO
  • Google AdWords (Pay Per Click)
  • Facebook Ads / LinkedIn Ads
  • Email Marketing

Some clients have come to me and said – ‘Isn’t SEO included in the price?’. My simple answer is no. The website is design and developed to be Google Friendly and ready for submission to the major search engines, but SEO is an on-going task carried out by our digital experts on a monthly basis e.g. SEO gents and ladies that are more knowledgeable than myself! They will provide sound advice and work to get your business/brand page 1 organically for key search terms your ideal customers will be entering in Google.

All waffling aside – The point I’m trying to make here is that having a brilliant website that serves the purpose is not enough – You and your digital marketing agency need to have a solid marketing plan in place for your business, that is constantly reviewed and optimized e.g. by using Google Analytics to assess digital marketing campaigns and constantly tweaking and making improvements to your marketing campaigns to ensure results are achieved.

We love helping start-ups and established brands smash their sales goals with results driven website design, digital development, marketing and lead generation. Contact us today with details about your project and we will be pleased to provide a free proposal for your business.


Blog written by Sam Dunning – Digital Solutions Manager at MM Group.