How to Improve Sales From Your Website

Digital marketing


You have purchased a website, however you are soon disappointed with the low number of sales leads it generates. There are steps you can take to improve the engagement with your website and ensure that it brings in the sales you desire.

Follow our simple tips to create a more effective online presence and ensure that your site performs.

Make sure it can be found

In the first instance you need to ensure that your website can be found via the major search engines. Research has shown that 91% of web users will not go beyond the first page of search results when they are looking for products or services, (Using the Internet: Skill Related Problems in User Online Behavior; van Deursen & van Dijk; 2009) therefore, if your site is languishing on page two or beyond you will be unlikely to create the traffic you need to generate effective sales.

Search engine optimisation is an important principle, looking for ways to build your search engine ranking. There are a number of techniques, which include ensuring your site contains regularly updated content such as a blog.

Ensure that your pages load effectively

More and more leading search engines rank sites which load quickly more highly in their listings. You can use tools such as Google’s Pagespeed Insights to review your site. This will allow you to see how quickly your pages load and any changes you should make to improve the rating. Don’t forget to review how your site works on mobile platforms as these are now becoming increasingly important in terms of the search engines.

Generally you need to ensure that your site loads in less than 3 seconds. A one second delay can reduce customer satisfaction by 16%. (Aberdeen Research Report – 4th May 2015) Therefore, a rapidly performing site is vital.

Make it easy for people to connect with you

Make it as simple as possible for potential clients to make contact with you, ensuring that you list your contact details prominently on your pages. Also, look to provide a simple way to capture customers details with an opt-in form repeated at the foot of each page. Ensure you reassure potential customers that you will not share their data with third parties.

The simple provision of opt-in forms can provide you with a quick and simple way to capture and act upon customer data.

Build trust

Create an ‘About Us’ page which allows you to describe your organisation and instil trust by demonstrating your organisation’s skills and key players. Additionally ensure that you include any trust mark or industry body memberships and details of guarantees.

Let us help you

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