How Leads can massively boost your business expansion plans!

You need business, every moment your sales team is sitting not dealing with potential customers is a moment wasted and, as we all know, time is money! You need to have a way to find a stream of customers who want what you offer, have opted to speak with your sales team and provided their own information so you know it is up to date and accurate. If those leads were automatically delivered into your dialler so your team have a constant supply of high performing leads ready for closure you would have nirvana. As head of sales you can take a bow at the next board meeting, watch the sales graph grow and pick up a copy of ‘What Car’ as you are on fire and it must be time for a company car upgrade!

You may well be thinking that this is a dream, any moment you will wake up and go back to battle with outdated data, errors and customers who don’t want to speak with you. However, the team at MM Group are going to make your dreams come true!

Don’t Chase The Customer… Make Them Come to You…

The old fashioned way to look for sales leads may have involved data culled from surveys or cold calling, by the time you got the contacts they may be out of date or the customer may have just moved on. However, there is a better way.

In the graphic above you can see that our potential customer has searched for a funeral plan. One of the highest ranking links directs them to a bespoke MM Group landing page where they are invited to enter some details in order that they can be contacted regarding a funeral plan product. So, instead of chasing the customer, they have been targeted using precise SEO, PPC or social media advertising to provide their own information passed to you in real-time!

This is, without a doubt the most effective way to get new prospects. They have gone out specifically to look for a funeral plan (or any one of a number of verticals including one relevant for your business), they have made an enquiry which you can follow up. Instead of an unexpected call, more likely to fail, this is a product or service which has been specifically requested and has some of the highest closure rates in the market.

Staying Legal – GDPR And Web Leads

With new data protection legislation approaching rapidly and potentially massive penalties for unlawful use of personal data, it is a timely moment to review how you are managing data and ensuring all of the data you use is opt-in and legal.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, even if you follow the rules to the letter, when the new legislation comes into force you know that there will be considerable promotion and awareness of the new rules. Therefore, you can guarantee that considerable time will be spent dealing with enquiries from individuals wanting to know where exactly you got their data and when and how they have they opted in.

When they have specifically requested a quote or more information this issue is virtually eliminated. The sites are fully GDPR compliant with clearly written privacy documents and explanations of how the data will be used.

You can be sure that data provided by MM Group is fully compliant with the new legislation, clear and professional.

Introducing Your New Sales Partner

MM Group are leaders in the provision of high quality web leads. Our clients enjoy high performing leads confident that they can leave the hard work of finding new business to us.

With over fifteen years of experience, MM Group are the friendly professionals you need on your team. Just think of us as an extension of your sales team, consistently delivering the high performing leads you need.