Hanging on The Telephone – How Telephone Survey Data is the Secret to Sales Success

There are those who feel that telephone survey data has had its day, however as effective as online surveys are a telephone survey can still reach a wider audience with a human interaction which can yield better results and more accurate data. For mass data it is the only sensible solution with data across a range of verticals.

Of course not all telephone data is equal, when looking for data to support your next sales or marketing campaign make sure you follow some simple tips to ensure you get the most effective return on your investment.

How old is the data? – Be wary of data which is too old and will yield nothing but dead phone lines and frustration. You want to ensure your supplier is providing recently refreshed or captured data.

How accurate is the data – there will always be a certain drop out with this sort of data as there is with anything in real time, however how carefully was the data captured and do you have some form of recourse for errors?

Is it legal? – with imminent changes to the data protection rules on the horizon you need to be sure the data you have purchased is legal and compliant. Did the calling script name who was using the data and what it was to be used for, were the callers given the opportunity to opt-in to use the data.

Is your industry covered? – whereas this may be obvious, however be sure that the supplier has access to up to date data for your industry, ask to see exactly how many records they can access and how that data can be segmented.

Do you have all of the contact details? – you want to have a choice of how you wish to contact your potential prospects, therefore you should ensure the datasets you buy have the relevant contact information available to you.

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