Going Mobile – Is your organisation ready for mCommerce

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By now your organisation is no doubt familiar with eCommerce and it is most likely that you have an eCommerce solution as of your web presence allowing you to sell goods and services online. If you do not, you are missing out on a massive market share, the total worldwide eCommerce market is worth over $1.3 trillion. (statista.com – eCommerce figures for 2013). In the UK e commerce made up 10.7% of total retail sales in 2014 according to IMRG/Capgemin, data from the Ecommerce Foundation now shows eCommerce in the UK was worth 157 billion Euro in 2015 and this is a figure growing year on year.

eCommerce is not a new technology with its first early iterations starting from the 80’s, however, we are now standing on an internet renaissance with the trend towards mobile internet use growing massively. The next natural progression with the vast growth of mobile internet use is mCommerce (mobile commerce) the use of smartphones and tablets to carry out online transactions. By 2020 it is expected there will be over 6.5 billion smartphone users (Tune), 64% of mobile users already regularly shop using their phones (Bloomreach).

Many organisations are still somewhat unprepared when it comes to presenting effective mCommerce solutions. This article will look at the important pointers to ensure your organisation is ready to support this rapidly growing trend.

What is mCommerce?

mCommerce should be an integral part your eCommerce solution, it is difficult to pin down a totally clear definition for mCommerce, however it is, in its most basic form it is use of a mobile device such as a smartphone to complete eCommerce transactions. However, it does not directly follow that, if you have an eCommerce solution in place it will work effectively on mobile platforms. Your organisation may well have a solid eCommerce solution but are you sure that you are in a position to capture the massive mobile market.

One of the first and most obvious potential issues is use of your eCommerce system on the screen of a mobile device or tablet. If the screen layout makes it impossible to complete mandatory fields or transactions you run the risk of losing those sales to your competition. Frustrated users will not put up with a poor user experience, they will find somewhere else to complete their transaction.

Do I need an mCommerce site?

The exponential growth of mobile devices means that being able to sufficiently support mCommerce is a vital part of any organisation’s future strategy. Failing to support mCommerce will leave you well behind your competitors. A recent survey of just one eCommerce supplier showed that over 50% of the commerce traffic is now being delivered via mobile devices.  Pew Research Services show there is a global median of 68% of adult users in advanced economies now regularly use mobile devices with 18 – 35 year old’s being the largest sector.

It is obvious, even without the sizeable numbers of statistics that the use of smartphones and mobile internet is growing and will continue to do so. It is not a trend which will go away, the sooner you develop the systems to support mCommerce the sooner you can reap the benefits. Now is the perfect time to review your position as an organisation and how you build scalable and update able systems to support this hyper-connected future.

What do I need to get the ‘m’ factor?

The most important requirement is to ensure your eCommerce site is optimised to effectively run on mobile platforms. The first step should be to view and attempt to use your current eCommerce solution using various mobile platforms including:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android smart phones
  • Google Pixel
  • Android tablets

This assessment must cover all aspects of the commerce process from selection of products to ensuring that you can complete purchases. You should ensure you can easily select, zoom and access all aspects of the screen layout and that there are not areas which are inaccessible due to layout or design.

  • Search for single and multiple products
  • Complete a single and multiple product purchase
  • Ensure that coupon or promotional codes work correctly
  • Ensure that images and product descriptions are view-able correctly, for example that you can zoom the images effectively.

Should you find the site does not respond effectively you should consider working with your web developer to redesign your eCommerce system to support mobile provision to ensure you are not missing out on this vital revenue stream.

What are the advantages of mCommerce?

mCommerce provides various opportunities, customers can be connected to your brand anywhere. The increase of connectivity with 4G (and soon 5G) means that high end content can be delivered in a personal form directly to the customer. The high level of data available can allow you to provide massively tailored customer offerings even down to marketing your closest branch using GPS connectivity. Customers will keep their smartphones and tablets with them almost all the time, this means, if you get your offering right, that you can be within reach of your customers whenever and wherever

Putting mobile first

The time is right for organisations to put mobile first, you should look to ensure that mobile and tablet based access is at the forefront of your online presentation. The growing trend for mobile internet is not diminishing and the importance of mCommerce and mobile presentation cannot be underestimated.

Ensure you have reviewed your online presence across all channels, ensuring that you are effectively managing social media, mCommerce as well as more traditional web content.

MM Group as Your mCommerce Partner

MM Group is a full-service agency who can provide professional design, web development and ‘e’ & mCommerce provision. Their team of experienced consultants have created online provision for many businesses. They will take time to understand your requirements following their Proven Process to achieve MM Group results for your organisation. They are specialists in mCommerce and can ensure your full web presence works effectively for mobile users.

As a full-service agency, they have professionals who can manage every part of your online business, from branding and marketing to data provision, web development and eCommerce.

Websites and commerce solutions developed by MM Group come with a simple to use content management system, an admin site which will allow your own team to update and manage your site as simply as using a word processor. It means you can keep your site up to date quickly and easily without having to refer to developers.

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