First steps to getting your organisation online

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A shocking statistic research by RedShift Research has shown that almost 60% of small businesses in the UK do not have any online presence. Companies stated that they didn’t have time to set up a website or it would cost too much to set up.

If yours is one of the companies who are not online you need to answer the question, ‘why?’ – Almost 90% of the UK population are online and it is the way most people now look for organisations or seek information, if you are not online you are making yourself invisible to a major part of your potential audience.

Web Development is an investment in your future

Your online presence is an investment in your company’s future ensuring that your are visible and attractive to new potential customers and providing information for existing customers. The bottom line is if you do not have a website, you can be sure your competitors will do, if a customer goes online they will be exposed not to you and your organisation but to theirs. What could start as a trickle of lost sales could become a flood if your competitors start to proactively target your audience.

This is not a new technology, the early days of the internet are over 40 years ago and now the internet is a vital and integral part of everybody’s life. No longer do customers reach for a telephone directory or the Yellow Pages, they will reach for their tablet or mobile phone and go online. Consider the mentality of today’s customer, if you are not online, it is probable, in their mind, that your business is no longer operating.

The major arguments of  cost and time can be easily overcome. If you select a professional web development company they will work with you to understand your business and build you an online presence which will both suit your requirements and allow online growth to allow the provision of new offerings and services.

Starting Online

From simple information like opening times, menus, price lists and contact information, in time you could grow your site to include online booking management, online payment and ordering allowing your busy customers to interact with you more easily.  

The initial cost of web development can be put against the increase in business and improved customer engagement and retention. Take it one step at a time and develop a simple site to build your brand. However, whatever you do, the first step is to find a professional web development company who will take the time to understand you and the needs of your business and develop the online presence which will best suit you and will drive new sales.

Introducing MM Group

MM Group can support your organisation on your journey to getting online. Their professional consultants have considerable experience in developing web sites for many businesses. They are a London based web design company who will take time to understand your requirements before following their Proven Process to achieve MM Group results for your organisation. From a straightforward brochure website to get you started through to complex and integrated eCommerce sites allowing you to fully develop an online business.

Websites developed by MMG come with a simple to use content management system, an admin site which will allow your own team to update and manage your site as simply as using a word processor. It means you can keep your site up to date quickly and easily without having to refer to developers.

Get in touch with MMG today for a free, no obligation proposal.