Ensuring your web presence embraces social media

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Many organisations overlook social media discounting the tool as frivolous and not important for business, however it can be used as a powerful and importantly, low cost, marketing tool. You may have your own personal Facebook and Twitter accounts but do not utilise these important tools for your business. The time is right to start embracing social media for your organisation.

Social media is one of the best ways to connect and communicate with your customers and potential customers, however you need to follow some simple principles to ensure you use the tool correctly as a positive for your business. This white paper will set out some of the most important ‘rules’ for social media for organisations.

Step 1 – Do Your Homework

The first and most important stage is to understand how to best use social media and to create an effective strategy. You need to understand that social media works in a different way to a website.

Your website is generally a one way street, used for you to deliver information to your potential customers, whereas social media works in both ways, your customers can communicate with you and you can communicate with them. Resist the temptation to use social channels purely to deliver press releases or ‘dry’ information. You need to understand it is a more engaging, conversational medium. You can embrace a more relaxed tone and be more reactive with your audience.

Take some time to establish who your potential social media audience will be and try to understand what they will want and require from you and your social presence. Look at your major competitors and analyze how they use social media, are they engaging well, look to see what you could learn and employ for your own business.

Step 2 – Take Baby Steps…

Social media can take considerable time and effort to get right, you need to react to posts in a timely fashion and ensure you are regularly delivering fresh content. You cannot leave a social channel without content, to maintain your audience you need to keep feeding them relevant and interesting content on a regular basis.

Therefore, take small steps into the world of social media, it can be tempting to go massively with a number of channels all at once. Take your time and start to build up so that you understand your audience and can deliver what they require. It will take time to do this so ensure you set aside time daily to ensure you are giving it the attention it requires.

Start with a small implementation, slowly build up an audience, a process which will generally happen organically in the early stages. Allow the gradual build of follows before you start to heavily promote your presence. In this way you can deliver an effective and professional implementation. Rushing straight into promotion can mean that you introduce an audience to a near empty channel, take your time and allow your audience find you then build on this.

Step 3 – Be Responsive…

By its very nature social media is a channel which will require contact and responses. Individuals will use your social pages to ask questions, post reviews and air complaints and you need to be sure that you answer, acknowledge and resolve in a timely fashion.

One of the worst things you can do is to allow your social pages to become inactive with users seeing no response which can, in its own right, create issues where they feel your organisation is ignoring them. You need to ensure you regularly monitor what is happening on your social pages and react and respond as quickly as possible to things that occur.

Step 4 – Use Your Audience…

Your audience is your greatest asset, if you use the tool well they will share your content and promote your business on your behalf. Building up a solid following and regularly encouraging them with offers and competitions to build brand loyalty will pay back with shares and increased membership.

Your social media channels become your shop window as well as a way to garner free research from potential customers, build awareness and loyalty and generate increased web traffic.

Ensure you use a ‘Call To Action’ on posts, encouraging users to share the post with their audience, to visit your website or, with offers and discounts.

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