eCommerce in a Changing World


It all started with a £7.74 sale when Sting’s album ‘Ten Summoner’s Tales’ became the very first online purchase on 11th August 1994. Since then eCommerce has grown to become a market worth over £60 Billion in the UK alone. (Source: In 2016 more than 1 billion people globally used eCommerce (Source: US Government). It goes without saying that eCommerce is something not about to go away, and the number and value of sales increases day by day.

Therefore, it is vital for almost every organisation which offers products or services to have an effective and secure eCommerce solution. True to form, many organisations do have eCommerce in place and they are riding this growing wave, however, there are some potential issues ahead which organisations should be aware of.

One of the most major changes to occur in the UK started on 23rd June 2016 when 51.9% of the UK population voted to leave the European Union. What follows, as you will be aware, is a long period of uncertainty and change as we remove EU regulation and implement UK laws.

It is certain that a good proportion of this change will affect online trade. From sales regulations and data protection to currency management. An important question for those organisations who are managing eCommerce solutions is how easily will they be able to implement these inevitable changes? If your organisation is running a legacy eCommerce solution are you sure that you will be able to make changes to the logic or structure when the regulations change?

Although we do not know what the changes are likely to involve, it is now a timely point to review your existing systems and ask if you will be able to make the changes which are likely to be required. If you find that your system is inflexible or worse still unsupported, now is the time to look at a replacement.

It is clear from considerable experience that, creating an effective online presence is not something which can be rushed. Working with a partner organisation can bring your site up to date, with branding redesign and updated content. The most important aspect is that you can ensure that any new online presence allows for changes to allow it to reflect regulatory changes and that you have the support from your web design company so that you are not left behind.

Change is always seen to be challenging, however it can be an excellent opportunity for you to review, update and reinvent your online presence while at the same time ensuring you have a system which has built in future proofing which ensures you will not be left with a system which cannot support your future market.  Starting the process now will allow you the time to effectively plan and project manage effectively rather than being left to rush risking sales and your organisations reputation.

Take a serious look at your current web presence, is it delivering the traffic it deserves? If you step through your eCommerce site from a customer perspective does it still perform as you would expect, compare the ease of your sales process to major sites like Amazon or Google, has your site stood still when technology has changed? Make sure that you review your site on a variety of platforms including mobile phone and tablet. More and more this is becoming a vital requirement, ensuring that your site will both display effectively and load in a timely fashion is critical to maintain customer satisfaction and search engine ranking.  If you find that your site is lacking, it is certainly time to consider an overhaul. Remember, any investment will likely be repaid with higher traffic and increased sales.

MM Group can help you plan for an uncertain future, they have over fifteen years experience and an award-winning track record developing websites and eCommerce systems for clients both large and small. Call them for a free consultation and find out how they can support web design and development as well as fully supported eCommerce systems which can easily be updated for any changes which the future may hold in store.