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New Prospects are the life-blood of every business, however how much of your sales team time is spent away from prospects working to obtain appointments. It’s time they should be spending on the road selling and we at the Mighty Marketing Group can help them do just that!

Engage potential prospects with the Mighty Marketing Group professional appointment setters. Our team is made up of hand-picked telephone operators, each specialists in getting you the outcome you require.

Confident, polite and driven to get the maximum appointments with the right people, our team can confidently and professionally present your business. They ensure the most relevant individual is contacted for face to face or telephone appointments which are booked according to your requirements. Our operators present your products or services in such a way to maximise engagement while ensuring the highest possible return from the appointment.

All calls are fully logged with details passed to your salesperson in order that they may go in fully prepared, presenting a seamless transition from first contact to closed sale.

Let our highly competent team allow your sales team to spend more of their time in front of relevant and engaged customers and less time working on admin. We can improve sales team productivity and closure rates while maintaining the highest profitability.