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Mighty Marketing Group are specialists in telemarketing and we offer a unique and results focused service in the telemarketing area.

In the past when it came to telemarketing you could either have cheap or good, MMG Telemarketing offers you the opportunity to select the best agents, uniquely we provide recordings of our telemarketing agents so that you can hear the quality of their calls and choose the agents you want to use on your campaign.

It means you are no longer limited to trust your brand to random callers but instead your own choice of the best, professional agents from either overseas, or if you require it, UK only call centres.

We take away the random risk of poor call centre operations and allow you to tailor your telemarketing as if they were your own selected staff.

There is no need to go to the cost and effort of employing your own telemarketing staff as the Mighty Marketing Group can provide you with access to highly driven telesales and telemarketing professionals. You can have access to a sales team or lead generation campaign quickly and at minimal cost.

Lead Generation

Mighty Marketing Group can provide you with ‘pay as you go’ telemarketing and lead generation with both overseas and UK based call centres,  with over 15 years experience, we have worked with many thousands of organisations, helping them develop sales. Our teams can generate qualified face-to-face appointments with the key decision makers in companies you want to meet.

Mighty Marketing Group can manage non-scripted, intelligent lead generation, web demos, qualified leads or detailed quotes exclusively generated for your business. Everything is created to your exact criteria.

Think of us as being a vital part of your team, there when you need us for:













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