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Mighty Marketing Group are leaders in online marketing and lead generation. We have worked for a number of years to develop some of the highest performing leads across major verticals including Life Insurance and Funeral Plans.

We specialise in offering leads directly from customers, using our hybrid fusion technique where we use both PPC and SEO to encourage potential clients to visit our own landing pages. This powerful technique ensures you receive client details in real time from customers who are actively searching for your product. Totally GDPR compliant and highly performing we have become experts in our field.

However, we are now excited to offer a new product, built on this framework of high quality, high performing leads. Mighty Marketing Group can now offer live, hot telephone transfers from customers who wish to speak to a sales advisor in real time.

These are fully exclusive leads from real, potential clients directed live to your nominated telephone line. The only thing your team needs to do is to close the sale!

Our highly trained operators can either work to your specific product criteria or work with a proven script which we can create to generate the highest results.  You will receive clear, daily reporting and your account manager and the team will work with you to ensure the campaign runs smoothly and generates the results you require.

As with all our leads we offer a fair replacement policy if there are any issues with leads, ask one of the account management team for details.

Why not contact our team to discuss how we can help you exceed your targets with our hotkeys today.

Ambien Pills Online