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Buying Ambien Cr Online, Ambien Online Forum

Need Data? – Make it Mighty!

At Mighty Marketing Group we pride ourselves in being high quality data suppliers. As a ICO registered Company we adhere to UK legislation and provide only fully compliant data where individuals have opted-in to use of their information.

How is Mighty Data different?

Mighty Marketing Group is an independent data provider, we are not tied to one source of data and can give you genuinely impartial recommendations as to what will work best for your campaign. We can review the whole data marketplace to find the most relevant data and will only work with the best providers who make up our list of tested and approved partners.

Other data providers may be limited to their own, restricted lists. We start with you and will ensure you get exactly the highest quality data you require.

Buying Ambien Cr Online, Ambien Online Forum

How many B2B contacts can you offer?

We have access to over 550,000 regularly updated email contacts in more than 450,000 organisations.

How many B2C contacts can you offer?

Over 5 million regularly updated email contacts

What is the % guaranteed delivery rate

We have some of the highest guaranteed delivery rates in the business with over 90% for B2C and 98% for B2B.

Can I trust the data that you supply?

We are an ICO registered organisation and registered with the DMA via our approved partners.

Is the data you supply ‘opt-in’ and how often do you get consent?

All data is ‘opt-in’ which means the individual has opted in to receiving marketing information via third party opt-ins via surveys.

All opt-in records are dated and refreshed within 12 months for consumer data and three months for business.

All the contacts are aware that their data is sold to third party organisations and can expect to receive emails from third parties.

Is any of your data stored on servers that are located outside of the UK?

No, all our data is stored on servers in the UK

What contact data do you hold?

All data is for named contacts and include location, organisation name, job title  and industry type.

Additionally, organisation data including number of employees and turnover data is included.

Unlike most other providers we can offer a variety of data lists to ensure that you have the range of data for your purpose.

Ambien Pills Online