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We are very pleased to announce that Mighty Marketing Group has now become a member of the DMA, the professional body for the data industry.

In order to be able to qualify for membership we have had to undergo a rigorous, external audit process to ensure that every part of our business operates correctly. The audit investigated every part of our activities ensuring that we meet the requirements for GDPR as well as delivering best practice and membership acts as a badge of accreditation.

Now we are members, we are underpinned by a code of conduct which puts our customers at the heart of all we do, you can be confident data or leads purchased from Mighty Marketing Group will not only be some of the highest performing in the industry they will also be totally legal and will meet all of the requirements for UK and international law, and we can not only assure of this ourselves but with the external audit from our professional body!

Mighty Marketing Group CEO, Sam Chahal said, “being able to demonstrate that we take what we do seriously is vital to us. DMA membership is a visible indication of our desire to ensure all we deliver is second to none. Our clients can be assured that the DMA logo represents our total commitment to quality, service and legality”.

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