Creating an Integrated Online Presence

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Having an effective website is the first step for any business. Your website is your online shop window and should be the backbone of your online strategy. However, there is more to being online than just having a website, this article will introduce some ways in which you can create an integrated presence.

Create a Great Website

Your website should be your first priority it will be the portal by which most of your customers will find your business and therefore it should reflect your brand. This is more than just design, you need to ensure the site is professional and well maintained and has the right information presented in a way which will be easy for your potential clients to navigate.

You should resist the temptation to overload your site with content, ensuring instead that you present clear and concise information with a route for individuals to find more or contact your organisation simply.

A lot of this is now grouped under what is called UX – ‘user experience’. UX design is the process by which you create a website which is both useful and simple to use. A good site should be a joy to interact with and not one which frustrates your users. It is all about creating a website with your end user in mind and not the needs of your developers.

Make it Mobile

For the first time this year numbers of users engaging with the internet with mobile devices had overtaken desktop browsers. There are many millions of mobile interactions every day, from a map search or simple look up to product purchase online using an mCommerce system.

We are all now carrying powerful internet connected devices, therefore if your site fails to engage with these platforms you will be missing a massive trick. You should ensure every part of your site works correctly and that the design and UX are engaging and do not cause users to give up and leave the site.

Embrace Online Commerce

If you are not already using an eCommerce solution you should consider how you could employ such a system. The ability for consumers to view and purchase online is vital. Over $1.91 Trillion will be spent worldwide using eCommerce this year and this is a figure which is growing. There is now an expectation from consumers that they can order and complete sales online, failing to offer this may cause them to go elsewhere.

Get Social

Many organisations feel that putting a website up is all they need to do, however there are also the many social media channels. It is vital to have a presence on social media, however only do so if you are going to maintain it. There is little worse than an organisation’s social media page which is rarely updated or where posts are ignored and not responded to.

Use your social media presence to share information, however remember it is a more conversational medium and you should avoid using social media as a route to post press release style content. Used well it is an excellent place to engage directly with your customers and provide rapid feedback. You must ensure you have a strategy in place to maintain a regular posting on social channels and make sure that you regularly monitor and manage posts on your pages.

Introducing MM Group

MM Group is a London based full-service online and web development agency who can provide professional design, web development and eCommerce provision. Their team of experienced consultants have created online provision for many businesses. They take time to understand your requirements following their Proven Process to achieve MM Group results for your organisation. As a full-service agency, they have professionals who can manage every part of your online business, from branding and marketing to data provision, web development and eCommerce, you can be confident that they will manage every part of the process.

Websites developed by MM Group come with a simple to use content management system, an admin site which will allow your own team to update and manage your site as simply as using a word processor. It means you can keep your site up to date quickly and easily without having to refer to developers.

Ongoing maintenance is provided by the professional support teams who will ensure you have a high availability provision backed up by agreed service levels. Choosing MM Group gives you a technical partner who is there for every part of your online provision.

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