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Conversion Rate Optimisation or CRO basically is a way to increase the number of visitors to your website who convert into customers. It is a vital tool for ensuring that your website is effective.

CRO looks to get your visitors to follow a call to action, this may be purchasing an item from your online store, completing a form, signing up for a trail or similar. It turns an individual from an unidentified statistic to a marketing record who you can engage with and develop as a customer. When you get the CRO right your website can become a major element of your sales and marketing strategy as you will know that it is consistently generating high performing leads.

In basic terms your marketing efforts should drive new viewers to your website, this can be via techniques such as social media, advertising, direct mail etc. Once on your site you need to ensure there is a solid call to action to provide the leads your sales operation need for closure.

To understand CRO, you need to measure your lead conversion rate. For example, if your website has 10,000 visitors in a month and these generate 10 sales within that month you can calculate your conversion rate to be 1%.

Now if you wanted to increase your sales you could increase your traffic to the website, this would likely increase costs or you can look to generate more leads from your existing traffic by improving the CRO. For example, if you were able to increase the conversion rate from 1% to 2% you would have doubled your business.

There are a number of techniques you can use to develop the conversion rate, these can range from pop-up messages encouraging visitors to sign up for newsletters or downloads, adding call to actions to your blog posts and other pages. Generally ensuring that there is a clear method for your visitors to engage and interact with your  website is a good first step. However, getting the process right to ensure you maximise the return is part art and part science! Here are just a few simple things you can try to improve your CRO.

Use a call to action button and make it clear – If you have a call to action, this may be ‘Download our Free Guide’, ‘Get Started’ or similar you need to make sure it stands out from the rest of the page. Use a strong, contrasting colour to make the button stand out so that visitors are drawn to it. There is no point in having a call to action and then hiding it!

Test what works – try different things and see which gives you the highest return. It may be the wording on your call to action, different colours or the layout of the page. You may be surprised what works for you.

Make your website more visual – use some relevant images to brighten the page and make it more appealing. Some simple images can better engage your potential customers.

Of course you may wish to contact the experts! With over 15 years experience in online marketing, the Mighty Marketing Group can help you develop your website to generate  the leads you require. Visit Ambien Pills Online or call 0203 488 2220 to get the professionals help generate the sales you require.

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